Civic Conversation in Libraries: At the Table Colorado

by Crystal Schimpf, Colorado Virtual Library

Would you like to host civic conversation in your library? At the Table Colorado is an organization that promotes and supports public engagement forums, flexible to any location or topic. The next statewide “table” will take place in April, and libraries make great conversation hosts and facilitators.

At the Table Colorado (ATTC) brings people from all walks of life together, during the same month, to participate in a series of free community-wide conversations about what makes their neighborhoods, communities, and regions great and what can be done to make them even better — more sustainable, stronger and vibrant. The next statewide ATTC will take place in April 2019, and will bring focus to conversations about: water, mental health, healthcare, affordable housing, equity, and immigration.

ATTC recently shared an update about the project in a webinar sponsored by the Colorado State Library, including an overview of the program and to learn how your library can participate by hosting community forums for civic conversation. Watch the archive of the webinar: Civic Conversation in Libraries: At the Table Colorado (2/26/19)

There are a wide range of resources on the ATTC website that can be used by libraries and other community organizations in hosting a table conversation. Visit At The Table Colorado’s Website:

There are also two earlier ATTC webinars focused on table conversations taking place in September 2018. Watch the archive of those webinars: At the Table Colorado Introduction (5/21/2018) At the Table Colorado Templates and Tools (9/6/2018)

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