Grand Junction kicks off ATTC with “Does Public Art Matter?” at Mesa County Libraries

by Rachel Hanson, Head of Information Services, Mesa County Libraries

“There were 12 participants and I felt the group was a great balance of people who already knew each other or were familiar with each other, people widening their circle, and a couple of people who didn’t know anyone at the beginning. It was nice that some of the participants were able to fill in gaps about the history of art in our community or about the efforts and goals of some of the current organizations. Ideas for moving forward together were shared and the surveys indicated that most people are interested in continuing the conversation and including more people in it. A couple of people are interesting in hosting their own Table on different discussions.

I also felt like it was a success because people continued to talk even after announcements about the library closing for the night (it was probably a pro/con that the time was limited). Even as we were cleaning up, the discussion kept going.

It was successful enough for me that I would like the library to host another topic in April.”

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