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Anyone can Host a “Table” conversation, really anyone.

It’s a great way to get to know new neighbors, parents at your children’s school, co-workers, people where you worship, people interested in making positive changes in your community; the list of possibilities is endless, as is the list of topics for discussion.

Conversations can take place anywhere – at a private residence, local restaurant, businesses, libraries, churches, rec centers, museums, parks, schools, non-profits, synagogues, public buildings, homeless shelters, media outlets, mosques, senior centers or other community locations over coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. It is entirely up to the Host to decide where, when and how the mealtime conversation takes place. Just register your Table conversation to get started.

Why register your At the Table Colorado conversation?

Because it’s your conversation and registration will give you complete control of your Table event, you choose: the topic of discussion, how to issue the invitations (will you be hosting a private or public conversation), the date, time and location of the gathering as well as what meal type it will be (potluck, brown bag or a pay your own way over coffee). Registration also gives you access to the At the Table Colorado templates for posters, invitations, placemats and other tools to make your conversation a success.

At the Table Colorado registration is easy, only takes a few minutes and it gives you full access to additional helpful templates, tools and tips. Registration creates an event page for your gathering where you’ll be able to post information about the location, the topic of discussion, if there is a dress code and instructions for guests, such as details for bringing a dish to pass at a potluck event. You will also be able to begin a conversation with your guests via email if you want too. After completing registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you and your information will be kept private. 

As a registered Host, you will receive updates from At the Table Colorado when new information, tools and webinars are added to our website. 

Your Voice Matters Colorado!