Frequently Asked Questions

What you do matters-and when we come together as a community
to learn from each other, we have the power to impact communities and lives.
At the Table Colorado believes not only that what you do matters,
but also that your voice matters.


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At the Table Colorado (ATTC) is community collaboration at its best; designed to revitalize public conversation, foster new relationships and inspire creative partnerships across Colorado.
These free, small group, mealtime conversations, provide an opportunity to discuss our accomplishments, as well as the challenges we face, while aiming to inspire new ways to work together to make communities stronger and more dynamic.


Everyone is welcome; ATTC is an inclusive, ethnically diverse, multi-generational conversation that reaches all socioeconomic levels. The Host chooses the topic for the discussion and any Colorado resident can sign up to Host a mealtime conversation. There will also be public conversations that residents can sign up to attend in their areas.


Conversations can take place anywhere – at a private residence, local restaurant, colleges, businesses, libraries, churches, rec centers, museums, parks, schools, non-profits, synagogues, public buildings, art galleries, homeless shelters, media outlets, mosques, senior centers, universities or other community location over coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. It is entirely up to the Host to decide where, when and how the mealtime conversation takes place. (We have plenty of helpful tips and suggestions to get you started.)


To empower the people in Colorado’s communities to create the change they want to see take place. Progress will only result when residents and organizations partner to make contributions that add up to greater solutions. At the Table Colorado connects individuals and communities of diverse perspectives and backgrounds to do just that.


The next, statewide At the Table Colorado conversations will be part of National Volunteer and Community Service Month in April 2019. Details available soon.

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