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At the Table Colorado (ATTC) is a series of gatherings designed to take people places – to offices, schools, libraries, restaurants, museums and other spaces where they meet others, share ideas and explore ways to improve our neighborhoods, communities and state. The results are empowering conversations, exciting new relationships and genuine pathways toward collaborative action – outcomes that connect our communities, making them more resilient and resourceful.

Everyone is welcome…literally everyone, because Your Voice Matters Colorado!

ATTC Fact Sheet


The Table Toolkit, like any other toolkit, has somethings you will use and others you won’t; take what works for you and leave the rest. Browse our Tools for Hosts, Guests, Families or School/Youth or download and share our one-page Fact Sheet.

An expanded ATTC TOOLKIT is available for registered Hosts and Guests that includes conversation guides, trainings, templates (posters, invitations, placemats for notes and much more) as well as additional planning tips.

Jeffco Libraries has provided a great reading list for people planning their Tables: ATTC Reading Resource List by Jeffco Libraries

Why register your At the Table Colorado conversation?

Because it’s your conversation and registration will give you complete control of your Table event, you choose: the topic of discussion, how to issue the invitations (will you be Hosting a private or public conversation), the date, time and location of the gathering as well as what meal type it will be (potluck, brown bag or a pay your own way over coffee). Registration also gives you access to the At the Table Colorado templates for posters, invitations, placemats and other tools to enrich your conversation experience for you and your Guests.

At the Table Colorado registration is easy, only takes a few minutes and it gives you full access to additional helpful templates, tools and tips. Registration creates an event page for your gathering where you’ll be able to post information about the location, the topic of discussion and instructions for guests, such as details for bringing a dish to pass at a potluck event. You will also be able to begin a conversation with your Guests via email if you want too. After completing registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you and your information will be kept private.

As a registered Host, you will receive updates from At the Table Colorado when new information, tools and webinars are added to our website. Register for At the Table Here


Whether Hosting a Private Conversation where you invite all the Guests or a Public Conversation where the public will register to attend your discussion, the planning is the same once you have completed the online registration form.

Private Conversation vs. Public Conversation:
  • Hosting a Private Conversation: You will invite all your guests; your invitation should include all your conversation specifics such as: the date/time, location with full address (provide directions if needed), your meal type (potluck, split the check, brown bag or buy or own coffee, etc.) and the discussion topic along with any special information you would like your Guests to know about.
  • Hosting a Public Conversation: When you registered to Host a Public Conversation, you created a Table event page with the specifics of your discussion: location with address, date/time, meal type (potluck, split the check, brown bag or buy or own coffee, etc.) along with any special information you would like your Guests to know about the gathering. Your Guests will register online at the At the Table Colorado website, Register to Participate in a Conversation.

Examples of Tables

  • Find a suitable location for the conversation.
  • Invite 8-10 people to join the conversation if you registered as a Host of a Conversation. Or if you registered to Host a Public Conversation, the public will register to attend your discussion online at the At the Table Colorado website.
  • Plan for food and drinks, ranging from snacks to full meals, to enjoy with your guests during the conversation. It could be a potluck meal, brown bag or a pay your own way coffee.
  • Serve as the conversation guide.
  • Respond to a brief survey and provide feedback regarding your conversation experience.
  • Encourage your guests to respond to the survey and provide feedback as well.

You are an engaged resident of Colorado and clearly believe in each person’s power to make a difference. If you know anyone else that might be interested in Hosting an At the Table Colorado conversation, please share our website with them:


As a registered Guest with At the Table Colorado you believe in the power of your own voice and its ability — alone or with others — to make a difference.

Getting the Most Out of Your Conversation
  • First, reflect on possibilities rather than dwelling on already identified challenges. Be creative in your thinking.
  • Second, look for the commonalities within the group and build on them during the discussion.
  • Third, consider the conversation as a journey where the process is as important as the destination. Be willing and prepared to take detours along the way.
  • Fourth, most importantly, remember that conversations are as much about listening and learning as they are about talking. All ideas are welcome.



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